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Freedom Framework Course

The Solopreneur's Freedom Framework: Ditch the Hustle & Design Your Dream Workweek (and Business) in 8 Weeks!

freedom immersion 8-week program

Get ready to design your dream workweek

Let's doooo this!

But instead you wake up to your annoying alarm, the one that instantly reminds you of the overflowing to-do list waiting for you. It feels like the never-ending scroll of tasks that taunts you every morning. You rush through your routine, fueled by coffee and a heavy feeling that something's gotta give.

The workday is a whirlwind of emails, meetings, and unfinished projects. You constantly feel like you're drowning in a sea of tasks, the clock ticking mercilessly in the background. Lunch? More like a quick bite at your desk while juggling calls and reports. By the end of it all, you're fried with barely any energy left for the things you actually enjoy.

Weekends might offer a short break, but the stress never fully goes away. You spend your precious free time catching up on work or dreading the upcoming week. The dream of having true freedom feels more and more like a distant fantasy.

Sound familiar? You're definitely not alone. Countless entrepreneurs are stuck in this cycle, trading their hours for dollars and never feeling truly in control.

You crave freedom, flexibility, and the chance to pursue your passions.

Let me guess...

The struggle to Turn Your Ideas into Reality: You're Brilliant, You're Driven, But There Just Aren't Enough Hours in the Day.

You have a never-ending list of tasks that seems to grow longer no matter how much you accomplish. It creates a constant sense of overwhelm and makes it hard to focus on what truly matters.

There's just not enough time in the day. You're constantly rushing from one task to the next, never feeling like you can catch your breath. This constant pressure makes it hard to be productive and leaves you feeling stressed and burnt out.

You're stuck on a hamster wheel, constantly working but never getting ahead. Your income is directly tied to the hours you put in, leaving you with little freedom and flexibility.

i know how you feel

You dream of having the time and freedom to travel, pursue your passions, or simply spend more time with loved ones. But with the way things are going now, that dream feels so far out of reach

the Freedom Framework

Is the solution I created

Freedom through scheduling

Create a personalized time management system for your specific life and business. Imagine finally taking control of your calendar, eliminating the chaos, and reclaiming precious hours for what truly matters. We'll identify your time-wasters and build a system that allows you to focus with laser clarity and achieve peak productivity.


what if i told you that i can help you achieve all of this?


Design a powerful system for managing tasks and projects, keeping everything organized and easily accessible. Imagine saying goodbye to the stress of juggling multiple priorities. You'll develop a clear, efficient system that frees up your mental space for the creative problem-solving and strategic thinking that propel your business forward.


FREEDOM THROUGH Automated income

Create a high-value digital product that generates passive income. Imagine a money-making machine that works for you, 24/7, allowing you to travel the world, pursue your passions, or simply sleep in more. We'll equip you with the knowledge and strategies to develop a digital product that provides value to your audience, while giving you back your precious time.



Identify tasks that can be effectively offloaded to a top-tier virtual assistant. Imagine having more time to focus on the high-impact activities that truly move your business forward. We'll develop a strategic delegation plan, teaching you how to delegate effectively and empower your virtual assistant to take control of your lower-level tasks, allowing you to scale your business with confidence and efficiency.


in as little as eight weeks?
this is my proven process.


The Freedom immersion Program 

say hi to your new bestie

Turn your hustle into freedom. The Freedom Immersion program unlocks your time, automates your income, and empowers you to run your business on your terms...in just 8 weeks.


Time Blocking Your Calendar

in this program we go over

This is my 8-week long customized plan to unlock your time and automate your business.

Organizing Your Tasks

Brainstorming Digital Products

How to Delegate to a VA

Creating a Funnel 

What to Outsource to a VA

Pricing Your Digital Product

Creating Revenue Projections

Time & System Audits

Launching to Your Target Audience

Mindset Shifts

Automating & Documenting Workflows


amanda h



what exactly is in this program?

Glad you asked. Here is what you get.


what you'll walk away with:

Before we dive headfirst into building your life-first, freedom-based business, we have to get crystal clear on where you stand right now. In this step we will create a revenue projection and undergo a time audit so we can see exactly where your precious minutes are going. This ain't about guilt-tripping, boo. It's about empowering you to take control of your schedule and free up time for the things that truly matter (like building your biz and living the good life!).

map your financial future and become a master of your time with a powerful revenue projection and time audit.


Crystal Clear Revenue Roadmap: You won't be flying blind anymore. We'll craft a personalized revenue projection that shows you exactly how much income your dream business can generate. Get ready to set some seriously brag-worthy goals!

Time Mastery: Say goodbye to feeling like a hamster on a wheel! Your time audit will reveal where every precious minute goes, freeing you to strategically plan your schedule and reclaim your time. More you time = more biz-building magic!

Strategic Action Plan: With your newfound knowledge of your finances and time, you'll be able to create a rock-solid action plan. This ain't just a to-do list, honey. This is a roadmap to success, designed to turn your dreams into reality, one strategic step at a time!




Generic schedules are a productivity killer. They leave you feeling drained, uninspired, and ready to hit snooze until next Tuesday. This ain't your mama's time management course. We'll equip you with the tools to create a schedule that makes your productivity explode. No more wasted time or feeling like you're spinning your wheels. We'll show you exactly how to structure your week for maximum efficiency and unlock the time freedom you deserve.

Learn how to Reclaim your precious hours and embrace a life bursting with passion, purpose, and the freedom to do what YOU love.


Create Your Dream Schedule (No More Bullsh*t): Design a workweek that makes you so excited to jump out of bed, you might forget to hit snooze. (Goodbye, Sunday scaries!)

Design Your Most Productive Schedule: Transition from feeling scattered and overwhelmed to having a rock-solid plan for maximum efficiency during the workday.

Uncover Your Why (Beyond the Paycheck): Discover what truly ignites your fire and fuels your hustle, both in and outside of work.



Feeling like you're constantly playing catch-up with your tasks? I get it. Traditional methods can leave you feeling stressed, scattered, and ultimately super unproductive. Here I help you ditch the one-size-fits-all approach to managing your to-do list and build a system that works uniquely to your design.

learn how to Conquer the Chaos & Master Your Task Management (No More To-Do List Hell!)


Become Your Own Productivity Boss: Design a flexible, personalized task management system that allows you to conquer your tasks with calm focus and increased productivity.

Stop Wasting Your Precious Time: Identify and eliminate the time-wasting tasks that are holding you back from achieving your goals.

Streamline Your Sh*t: Learn how to automate tasks and streamline your workflow so you can spend your time on what truly fuels your passion and purpose.

Automated income

Here's what you'll walk away with:

Imagine waking up to a notification that your digital product just made another sale... while you're still in bed! (Seriously, this can be your reality!) This next phase is all about creating a digital product that works for YOU. If you're feeling like your business is your clingy ex, sucking all your time and energy I'll show you how to turn your expertise into a digital product – like an ebook, online course, or even a killer template set! – that sells itself and frees up your precious time for the things you love.

Learn how to create a profitable digital product (ebook, course, template set) that generates income 24/7, 365


Passive Income (yes please!): Bring in cash even while you're catching some zzz's or enjoying brunch with your bff. Say goodbye to the endless hustle and hello to financial freedom!

Turn Your Expertise into $$$: Discover your unique talent and turn it into a powerful digital product. This product will solve a specific problem for your ideal customers, making you their go-to expert.

Digital Product Powerhouse: Design, develop, and launch a kickass digital product that's so valuable it practically sells itself. Imagine the satisfaction of seeing your creation empowering others and reading glowing reviews!


What you will walk away with:

You'll transform from a one-woman show into the CEO of a well-oiled business machine. Think more time to focus on the high-impact activities that truly make a difference – growing your business (and your bank account!) and spending quality time with who you love.

Learn to delegate tasks to a virtual assistant and build a dream team to free up your time and focus on growing your business!


Become a Delegation Pro: I'll help you identify the perfect tasks to hand off to a VA. Say goodbye to busywork and hello to those money-making tasks.

Find Your Better Half: I'll guide you through the process of finding and hiring a reliable VA who's a perfect fit for your business.

Build a Strong Partnership: Learn the secrets to effective delegation and building a positive working relationship with your VA. I'll show you how to communicate clearly, set expectations, and create a win-win situation!


wait! there is more

You will also receive all of these bonuses

Time Freedom Toolkit with email sequences, freebie templates, etc. (everything you need)

You get access to my entire vault of templates, swipe files, etc. If I have it, you get it too. No gatekeeping here.

Masterclass Hub with access to all past and future classes I have done and guest expert trainings

Get access to extra classes I have given, guest expert trainings or any future ones I decide to drop in ;)

Weekly Reviews with access to me for system edits, calendar feedback, productivity strategy, etc!

Each week you can drop in your assets for me to review - a new automation, calendar audit, new digital product, whatever it is- I got you!

Sign up for the Freedom Immersion Program

Choose your payment plan (we've got options for every budget, boo!), and secure your place in the program.  

How does it work?


You will get immediate access to all the goodies

The second you sign up, you'll get instant access to the entire course content and all those bonus goodies we mentioned above.


Schedule your 1:1's and let's get to work!

Get access to your client portal and schedule your one-on-one calls with me. We'll strategize, brainstorm, and make sure you're on the fast track to achieving your wildest business dreams. This ain't a solo mission, babe!


here is the process


You're a strategic soul who understands the power of planning and taking action.

This IS for you if

You're a heart-on-fire go-getter who's ready to ditch the status quo and build a life that lights you up.

You're done with the struggle and ready to fast-forward to a wildly profitable business that practically runs itself.

You're ready to stop dreaming and start living your best life, on YOUR terms.

You're comfortable settling for "good enough" and playing small.

This is NOT for you if

You're afraid to invest in yourself and your dreams.

You're looking for a quick fix or a magic bullet. (Sorry, babe, real results take real work!)

You're not ready to take responsibility for your success (because let's be honest, it's all on YOU!).

What you get (let me give it to you straight): 

Freedom Framework Self-Study Course Material. Freedom, Automation, Profit: The Solopreneur's 4-Step Course 😎 (value: $3000)

Only $2,500

Let's put it all together

bimonthly 1:1 calls with me (Meridith) for personalized support (4 total) (value: $5000)

Support in between calls with a private Slack channel (value: $2500)

BONUS #1: Time Freedom Toolkit with email sequences, freebie templates, etc. (everything you need) I am always updating & adding things for you (value: $2000)

Say less, I'm in!

BONUS #2: Masterclass Hub access to all past and future classes I have done and guest experts (value: $500)

BONUS #3: Weekly reviews with access to me for system edits, calendar feedback, productivity strategy, etc. (value: $1000)

Value $14,000

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Most popular

Kelsea c

Meridith helped me feel at ease with online systems that will help me run my business smoothly, including outsourcing and delegating when needed. I feel confident that now I can stay true to my mission of life and work happiness because I will not be trying to do it all myself and get lost in a million sticky notes and weekly do to lists.


Julie G

I can now finally focus on client care and growing my business. Not to mention I only work four days a week and enjoy three day weekends. 

my annual revenue jumped from 110K to 500K.

Christa M

I feel SOOO organized, clear and inspired to offer my services to the world in a way that works for me, my family life and my marriage. I feel in control of my time, finances and the proper support I need.

I feel in control of my time, finances and the proper support I need.

Jen D

Shawna C

Jackie R

I learned how to use a project management system that clearly outlined my tasks for each day, making things much more streamlined and much less stressful. Now I am able to coach my clients and hang out with my 1 year old on my own terms.

I hang out with my 1 year old on my own terms.

I hired a PT and a VA team for my practice so I was able to take a full week off without even picking up my computer to respond to emails and I booked a new client regardless.

I was able to take a full week off. 

I used to think of myself as just not an organized person, but with starting my business I knew I needed to find a way to overcome that. Meridith helped simplify the chaos in my brain to help me see that I could indeed be organized, with the help of the right systems and actually using those systems.

She Simplified the chaos in my brain.




What's the difference between the Freedom Immersion Program and other programs i see?

Unlike other courses that focus on the symptoms, we get down to the real issues. The Freedom Immersion Program is all about actionable strategies and tangible takeaways. I break down the process into four clear steps plus 1:1 guidance, giving you the tools and guidance you need to build a thriving business that gives you ultimate freedom.


I sure do. For anyone who likes to keep a little extra cash in their checking account, there are payment plans available. 


That's up to you, girl! But no really, the goal of the Freedom Immersion Program is to set the foundation for significant, lasting change in both your business and personal life. Many clients report feeling a profound shift in clarity and confidence right away, with tangible outcomes like improved time management, increased productivity, and the initiation of scalable systems beginning to manifest immediately after our session.

Remember, the strategies and plans we develop together are designed for long term growth and freedom, and their success builds over time as you implement and refine them.


I understand that your plate is already full, which is precisely why the program is designed for someone like you. This program is an investment in streamlining your future, saving you countless hours down the line. By setting aside just this small chunk of time now, you’re paving the way for a more efficient, productive, and balanced life and business. 


Yup! You get 4, 1:1 calls to use throughout your 8 weeks with Slack access to me in between. I answer Slack notifications M-TH and will review anything you want me to on a weekly basis. 


How does forever sound? And you will also get updates whenever I add to it for.free. :)

But it wasn't always sunshine and spreadsheets. Back in the day, my business was a black hole of my time. I was juggling a million tasks, fueled by cold brew and sheer willpower. Think: overflowing to-do lists, late nights staring at screens, and the constant feeling of being one missed email away from total meltdown. Basically, the exact opposite of freedom.

Fast forward to today, things look a LOT different. I've not only escaped the overwhelm, but I've helped hundreds of other entrepreneurs do the same. Now, I get to spend my days sipping coffee (okay, maybe a lot of coffee), chasing after tiny humans with boundless energy (because toddlers!), and helping amazing solopreneurs like YOU design dream workweeks that support your whole life, not just your bottom line.

WIFE, MAMMA OF 3 under 5, and Obsessed with efficiency (because chaos is NOT my jam!)

You've come to the right place & I am so glad that you are here!

I'M Meridith, Your Time Freedom Fairy Godmother.

Xoxo, Meridith

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