In one day create a tailored, strategic plan for your schedule that boosts productivity and carves out abundant space for joy, fun, and the freedom to prioritize what truly matters to you

Freedom immersion

Does that sound like you? If you are shaking your head yes, you have come to the right place...

If you are a visionary CEO who is fully booked with tons of clients coming your way, you know you have really big ideas that you are really passionate about.

But the problem is that there are so many things you’re passionate about doing that you’re spread too thin and you cannot always bring them to fruition. 

freedom immersion

You have all these big ideas and ambition

You have big ideas that are stuck inside of you unable to come to fruition because you are spread too thin focusing on the unimportant tasks

You are working at all hours because  you feel like you can’t get out from under the load because it all needs your heart and energy in it. You may even feel like you are not being fully present in any part of your life.

Your schedule is full

You have tried to hire people on your team to help take things off your plate but you keep finding yourself in a situation where the people you hire look great on paper, are wonderful people, but they just don’t meet the bar from an energy and caring for your business standpoint

You may have tried to hire

let me guess:

6 months from now your life could look like this:

Waking up and knowing exactly what tasks are essential for YOU to do to make money and bring your unique gifts into the world while having your team run everything else 

Being overwhelmed with sticky notes and not knowing how to organize your thoughts

Having one system where they intuitively know what you want them to do without you having to ask

Micromanaging your VA by writing and rewriting SOPs for every little thing you want to get done in the business 

Setting intentional time to check your email during the CEO hours you set for yourself during the week

Checking emails on the go and forgetting what you just read

Hiring someone who looks good on paper AND you fully trust that their performance is perfect 

Hiring someone who looks good on paper but still needs your input at all times

Is this you?


you want to stop being held back and spread to thin, and go...


Just imagine...

  • Having a slow morning with your kids and actually getting to enjoy your coffee when it is hot and not after the 3rd warm up 

  • Cherishing the self care time that you have set aside for yourself every day whether that is a workout, time to journal or a spa day

  • Not having to remember everything you want to do and when you want to do it because you have one seamless system that manages that all for you 

  • Never having to tell your friends no when they ask you to do hang out 

  • Being able to take a spontaneous trip with your family because you have full trust that your team can run your business without you

  • Not having to be plugged into your computer and working to still be making money

And listen… I get that all of these things might sound too out of reach for you right now 

I have been there and I totally get it. If you are like me you were taught to:

  • Just hire a virtual assistant who will set up your systems and organize your backend for you

  • Be a people pleaser even if you are feeling spread thin 

  • Stifle your own passions and big ideas because there is not enough time right now

  • Hustle and have to figure everything out yourself

My story starts in Newport, RI...

5 years ago my husband and I traveled around the country for his career where he managed professional golf tournaments. We moved every year to a new state but it was a once in a lifetime opportunity and with only two dogs, it wasn’t too difficult to load up the car and drive to our new home state.

Although, after the second move it was increasingly harder to find a job knowing we would be moving again so I did what I had always actually wanted to do, I became my own boss. I always knew I wanted to create a career for myself while also having the freedom to be with my family whenever I wanted.

In 2018 I started a virtual assistant agency and grew quickly. And by quickly, I mean I was serving over 20 recurring clients in only 3 months and I needed to hire a team member like, yesterday.

I was in over my head in client work but I also didn’t have a rock solid plan on how much I wanted to make, how much I wanted to work and any boundaries for myself. 

I had no issue getting clients, my issue was managing it all without killing myself. 

After being in business for only 3 months, I decided I needed to hire a virtual assistant to work under me. 

I hired someone who was great, she checked every box that I was looking for but unfortunately it did not work out. 

I was drowning in work and she jumped in to save me but I ended up drowning her too because I didn’t have my own life preserver. 

I was working at all hours and saying yes to anyone that wanted to work with me.

More is better right?

And I also just thought that every new entrepreneur was meant to grind and hustle to get to where they wanted to go and that was the only way to excel.  

Fast forward a few months, we had family fly in to come visit us for the fourth of July and I had a client calling my phone wondering where I was. We parked in the hotel parking lot where my in laws were staying and while my husband and his family went for a walk to the beach, I was in the car talking to my client about why I wasn’t in my office on July 3rd and that was the last straw for me and I told her in that moment that it wasn’t going to work out.

At this time we had also begun talking about starting a family and all I could think about was how I could not be present at home with my future kids if this was how my business was operating. 

I had finally seen that my work was interfering with my two highest values, family and freedom and knew I had to make some shifts asap to set myself up for success.

I realized that if I wanted to go farther, I needed to do more with less. I needed to get my shit together so I could bring on really awesome team members that I could trust would handle things without me so I could focus on what I really enjoyed. 

I started focusing on the foundations that I never built because I grew too fast which included planning my year, managing my tasks, my time and also learning how to say no to clients that I did not want to work with. 

After I nailed down the systems in my business, I was able to scale my team to 5 team members who began serving our 20+ clients so I could focus on sales, marketing and having a life outside of work 🙂

Fast forward to 2023, I am making more money than I did back then working only three days a week and I am now a mom of two and started another business. My daily life now looks like:
  • Slow mornings with my kids where I can sleep in until 8am
  • Working at most 20 hours a week with Fridays off 
  • Having a schedule that brings me joy and includes self care every single day
  • Having a team that I trust will know what I want them to do without them even having to ask
  • Having dinner as a family every night 

If I can do it, you can too. 

That is why I love to empower you to unlock total time freedom in both your business and personal life.

With my digital products and personalized 1:1 support, I guide you in building a thriving online business that not only boosts your income but also preserves those irreplaceable moments for you and your loved ones.

where I wanted to be my own boss, share my gifts with the world, have the freedom to choose when I worked and have fun while doing it.

This is where my Freedom Footprint comes in. 


Expose a clear strategy that maximizes and systematizes your time and allows you to grow in a way that honors your unique values, goals, and design.

Time and Systems Audit 

you will walk away with:

✅ A summary of your current systems and any recommendations on how to simplify, integrate, or delegate
✅ Guidance on how to maximize your time with high payoff tasks and suggestions on how to get off the busy hamster wheel


Release the grip your overbooked schedule has over you and instead create an ideal and organized schedule that allows you to excel in your work and leaves plenty of spaciousness for joy, play, and family.

Personal Effectiveness


you will walk away with:

✅ A personalized time blocking schedule in Google calendar that tells your time where to go so you stop feeling like there is never enough


Integrate your ideal live and work strategy and schedule into an automated and easy to use system that does all the remembering, checklists, and thinking for you, so that you can put your head on the pillow at night with peace and wake up in the morning and know exactly what you’re going to do that day.

Task Management

What you will walk away with:

✅ A built out operations project inside Teamwork that houses all of your to-dos so you know exactly what you should be working on that day
✅ A full run through of all the Teamwork features that will be necessary for you to use it effectively






Join forces with your next and best team members who take the hard stuff off of you and can read your mind without you having to ask so that you can focus on delivering the high quality care and services you’ve built a high reputation for, increase your revenue, and spending your free time focusing on what and who you love.


you will walk away with:

✅ A job description for a virtual assistant, or whoever you need, so that you can hire with confidence knowing you have a plan in place.

This method is tried and true. We are living proof.

Christa Mantey

I feel SOOO organized, clear and inspired to offer my services to the world in a way that works for me, my family life and my marriage. I feel in control of my time, finances and the proper support I need.

shawna cooper

I hired a PT and a VA team for my practice so I was able to take a full week off without even picking up my computer to respond to emails and I booked a new client regardless.

Jen Davis

I figured out how to use a project management system that clearly outlined my tasks for each day, making things much more streamlined and much less stressful.

Now I am able to coach my clients and hang out with my 1 year old on my own terms.


Meridith works with what you have and where you are at to make everything more streamlined. She has great suggestions for how to improve efficiency.

I am now keeping the boundaries I have set for myself and saying no when it does not serve me.

our day together
our day together

the freedom immersion


 In one day create a tailored, strategic plan for your schedule that boosts productivity and carves out abundant space for joy, fun, and the freedom to prioritize what truly matters to you.

Are you ready to reclaim your schedule, boost productivity, and strategically outsource, all aimed at unlocking unparalleled time freedom?

We will use my freedom footprint to create a higher level, intentional strategy that fits your unique design for how you bring your gifts to the planet. And, calls in the type of support that allows you to do that while maintaining the high standard of love and excellence you have for how your business operates and how your clients and team members are treated. 

During this day...

Valued at $7000

valued at $10,000

You have heard about launching and you are already overwhelmed with how to organize all the to dos let alone how much time and energy it is going to take.

Not anymore.

You get access to my tried and true launch template that has helped my clients have 6 figure launches.

launch template for teamwork

valued at $5000

Your gateway to unlocking your full potential in productivity, schedule mastery, and the pursuit of unparalleled time freedom. Explore a curated collection of transformative courses, and digital downloads. Each course is crafted to provide actionable insights, step by step guides, and expert strategies, empowering you to reclaim your time, master your schedule, and unlock your full potential in both business and life. 

valued at $3000

Feel seen, heard and never alone with other amazing entrepreneurs facing the same challenges in our private Facebook group. 

plus your receive:

Access to Time Freedom Co. Courses

private facebook group

Payment plans are also available at check out for the person who likes to keep a little extra cash in their account each month!


Payment of

Freedom Immersion

Total value: $25,000

Your investment:

julie g

I had to take time off after a bicycle accident and my team was able to run my program for me because I had the systems set up and I trusted them to execute it exactly how it was supposed to go.

Even with my accident, my launch revenue lone was still over 6 figures.

Amy M

I was struggling with a new hire and ongoing support with Meridith taught me to set expectations for myself as the leader and for expectations of my new team member. Meridith and I created a priority list for onboarding and it gave me so much confidence to have that outlined before our team meeting.

shawna cooper

The PT I hired went on maternity leave and it was totally fine. She gets back in two weeks and I will work only 2 days a week and I have launched my new coaching offer on my website.

I know the vicious cycle of burnout and overwhelm all too well, and in building and growing my virtual health coaching practice, I wanted to grow it in a way that supported my own long term health and well being as a business owner. Meridith helped me feel at ease with online systems that will help me run my business smoothly, including outsourcing and delegating when needed. I feel confident that now I can stay true to my mission of life and work happiness because I will not be trying to do it all myself and get lost in a million sticky notes and weekly do to lists.

Kelsea Cannon

Investing in Meridith and her services is equivalent to investing in your life and future self.

I have been exactly where you are

You are able to implement immediately 

I do not just treat the symptoms

the difference

We work through my freedom footprint to get to the root of your challenges

We compact everything into a day so you are able to implement your new systems immediately

I learned first hand how to hire strategically, how to support those hires, and how to build systems for long term growth

Yup, You will get Slack or Voxer access to me, you pick, for two weeks after our day together. 

do I get any support after our day together?


I sure do. For anyone who likes to keep a little extra cash in their checking account, there is a payment plan available.

Do you offer payment plans?


You will receive intake forms prior to our day together so that I can triage what the biggest challenges are. Once I receive those, I create an agenda for us that day that focus on working through your challenges in tandem with my Freedom Footprint.

How does our day together work?


But you may still have some questions...

Great question, our Freedom Immersion will last about 5 hours with breaks included.

How long is the Freedom immersion?


It sure is. My Freedom Footprint is for any coach or entrepreneur, solo or with a team, that wants to get organized in their business. This is an opportunity for you to get your shit together regardless if you are going to be managing someone in the future.

I do not know if i even want to hire in the future, is this day still for me?


In just one day you can reclaim your schedule, boost business productivity, and strategically outsource, all aimed at unlocking unparalleled time freedom.

And chances are if you feel like you need to wait until a better time, that actually might be the very reason why you need this now.

I am so busy, how am i going to fit this in?


Amanda Heritage

Meridith is a sweet and professional virtual guru who will help you reorganize, restrategize and see things in a way that streamline your business and minimize anxiety.

Jillian Glasgow

It is such a weight off my shoulders knowing I have systems that will grow with me and my business.

Jackie Roelofs

Meridith helped simplify the chaos in my brain to help me see that I could indeed be organized, with the help of the right systems, and actually using those systems.

real Client results

It may seem easier to wait to ask for support until you have the time or space for it, but the reality is that until you make the time you will continue to spin your wheels with old habits that have gotten you to this place. It is time to trust yourself that you can manage your business sustainably and that you are ready to invest in that next step.

if you have made this far on the page chances are you are pretty sure this is something you want to do.

You are worth it.

Dear biz owner,

Meridith McCarty

payment plans available


freedom immersion

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